JL Musgrave, editor

Exploring the past to understand the present and prepare for the future. 

From the time I was a small child I have loved history, reading, writing, and exploring what this great big world has to offer. Going back to school to earn degrees in history and anthropology have only deepend these first loves. Having recently returned from a trip to the British Isles, where I further explored my international ancestral roots, I found myself appreciating all the more what my native state of Indiana has to offer the world and the effects of the world upon its people and culture. I knew I was not alone in this and it is for the purpose of sharing this love that I decided to create The Hoosier Historian. 

The Hoosier Historian is devoted to the Hoosier state and its peoples' international ancestral roots. The Hoosier Historian is a free e-magazine for all to enjoy as such submissions are to be unpaid volunteer only and the submitter will retain all rights to their work. I look forward to working with some of you on this project and will be posting debut dates and e-links soon.